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Terry Tidwell: Office Manager

The Lord is good and has given me a very blessed life. My dad was in the military and I have been exposed to missions and missionaries my whole life, which gave me a love for ministry.  Bill and I have been married over 30 years. We homeschooled our kids, have been through a myraid of animals: dogs, birds, rabbit, frog, bearded dragon, fish.  Now that we are empty nesters we spend more time gardening, making smoothies, planning for chickens and dreaming of goats.


I love ….gardenias…….planning and coming up with projects which Bill implements, and life in general. I am most grateful for my family, and above all my Savior. His grace is truly amazing and I am so undeserving.


Bill and I enjoy working at WAFT together and it’s our desire that all you hear glorifies God and encourages your heart!

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