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Rick Hofmeister: Overnight Host and Staff Pastor

Born February 28, 1950 in Pittsburgh, PA. Married Shelia Tidwell, August 14, 1971. Father of three children, Mary, Ben and Sarah. Received BA, MA from Southeastern Bible College, Birmingham AL. Pastor of Grace Bible Church, Valdosta GA since 1990.  Teacher of Sound Doctrine broadcast and Staff Pastor for WAFT.

I'm looking at these new pictures Kyle and Heather took: it's hard to believe that someone as young as Shelia is married to someone as old as I am!  Shelia's "old dog" just keeps getting older. Actually, I'm looking pretty perky for someone who was back in the hospital November 2013 for celluitis and pneumonia. God is so good to restore my health, pay the bills and give me such wonderful praying friends like you!  Preaching and teaching the word of God is the greatest joy and privilege, and I want to thank you for giving me that opportunity by your prayers and support for the ministry of WAFT and Sound Doctrine.

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