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Listener Testimonies


A WAFT listener, Cheryl, called and said, “When I was transitioning from being a Mormon to Christian...I was listening to WAFT and it really helped. The songs are very encouraging; they gave me peace.   They were different, but I’ve been learning them.  I appreciate you so much for sharing the gospel and making that transition a little easier for those of us who did not believe Jesus Christ was our Saviour.  It’s really been helpful and I’m learning a lot.”





The songs and words you all share are helping me through this time of pain. God Bless all of you workers at WAFT. Thank you!



I am trying to download the app to listen live- I have an Android …. I want to listen to you while I'm working …….…. now I can listen even more. Me and my 12 year old daughter listen on the way to work and school every morning. We enjoy the Bill and Terry hour. Thanks again for all that the Waft staff does for the glory of God in sharing the Gospel. Can't wait until tomorrow at work to listen as I work.


I don't know who requested Alone by Joni but it was what I needed to hear right now. Having some rough days and needed that reminder.



 WAFT has always be an important part of my family’s spiritual  growth, but this week’s jumpstart has been especially inspirational to me.  Our family loves you guys and I’m so thankful to have raised my kids on Christian radio. Blessings to WAFT!



I wake up to WAFT each morning!

Love in Christ,



I have just experienced praise and worship here in my kitchen this morning!! Thank you for the songs of praise that you and Bill share! 



I listen to WAFT because…it is a source of solid Bible teaching and music that brings praise to my heart for our wonderful God and Savior Jesus Christ. I am continually encouraged in my Christian walk when listening to WAFT.



To strengthen you daily….

I listen to WAFT because…You lift up and feed me spiritually every morning and it helps me make it through the day. Keep up the good work.



 I can’t imagine y’all not being on the air, so it is with great joy I send you this support…the programming continues to bless many of us out here in radio-land.


I listen to your station every day and it’s been helping me greatly with my Christian walk.

 (from a prisoner)


I do get a blessing from the station every morning when I turn my radio on. I am 90 years old and have listened to WAFT for many years. Thank you and keep up the good work.



My week really stunk.  My job is so very stressful and then I get home and have it all to do on my own.  It is tough…….
This morning, when you acknowledged single people, it touched my heart.  I have been so down in the dumps and just overwhelmed with LIFE. Thank you for encouraging all listeners.  It made me feel good that someone realizes how tough it is.  I am blessed more than I deserve to be, but just wanted you to know how much you ….. are a blessing to me.


Hi! I love your station! I was driving through Valdosta about a month ago and tuned in…..Thank you so much! I pray for God to bless your station. A new fan of WAFT. I keep y'all tuned in! God Bless You!!

(Loretta, new listener)

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