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April 23, 2020

Key West, WKWJ                  


WKJW covers all of Key West and a few miles up the Keys. It will operate under our non-profit name, Christian Radio Fellowship, Inc., along with WAFT Radio, Valdosta, GA. Programming is separate, but very similar on both stations. 


You can hear it locally in the Keys at 91.9, over the internet at or on the soon to be released smart phone app; look for WKWJ or Hope919.


Our budget for the first year is $80,000, which will pay for, and operate it.  The monthly ongoing cost will be around $2000.  We have a commitment for the first year of $1000 a month, and a small amount of broadcaster support.  If you would like to help, you can give at our regular donate page,


If you have any questions, drop me an email at



Bill Tidwell, Pres/GM


Nov 17, 2019 

The switch has been flipped! 


I went down to Key West to get the equipment ready, and on Friday November 1st, we started broadcasting with a promotional clip to let everyone know that the new Hope919 was coming.  On Sunday the 10th, we switched the format!  There is still plenty to do to promote the station and fine tune the format. We’re busy making sure it sounds good and working out agreements with broadcasters.  We still need help from WAFT listeners.  Our goal is $80,000 to purchase and then pay for the monthly costs for a year.  This is truly a missions project and want you involved. Please pray for wisdom as we program the station and promote it to the local Key West community. 


Thank you! 

Bill Tidwell, Pres/GM


September 2019

Go "WEST" young man......Key West that is!!


Pending FCC approval, at the end of September, the unique format of WAFT will be broadcast to Key West!  Back in June of this year, I received an email from a broker that said he was letting me know about a great opportunity, and a great price, on a station in Key West.  At first it sounded great, but with limited funds and staff, it seemed too big to even consider.  


After talking with my board, praying, (and even some fretting) we said yes!  The sale includes everything needed; tower rental site, transmitter, and equipment that will allow us to send the programming from our Valdosta studio.


The existing format has been on the air for 5 years, and is very similar to ours.  It will be great to continue providing sound Bible teaching and inspirational music to the nearly 30,000 people who are in the signal area.

What will it cost?  Purchasing the license, equipment, and operating for one year, will only be about $80,000; cheap in radio station terms, but a huge project for WAFT.  We want to give our North Florida and South Georgia friends a chance to be a part of this expansion. During the Fall Sharathon in October we’ll give you more details!  If you want to give early, just use the link or for those who can give a larger gift, contact me personally at  



Bill Tidwell, Pres/GM

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