October 19 & 20

Our Goal: $150,000 

Sharathon 2016

Roundin' Up Listeners For A Great Year At WAFT!

WAFT...a place to hang your hat

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Did you know that only around 5% of WAFT listeners support WAFT financially? Join the 5% that are making a difference!
Because of the giving of our listeners and business friends, real people have been saved … spiritually and physically through WAFT Radio - because of gifts from people like you.  When you begin giving during our upcoming Sharathon, you will take part in saving lives.  That’s worthy of your support!   

Our Mission: Encourage the Believer - Evangelize the Lost - Engage the Community

What is the Gideon Army?

These are listeners that pledge $1,000 or more per year.

Our staff Pastor, Rick Hofmeister, leads the charge!



Love this station! It makes my 40 minute drive to work a blessing and is my time with God to listen to his word and say my prayers out loud :) Listening to it all day is so relaxing for me at work, it gives me a calmness that I need in my job, it really is a blessing to me.  -Jennifer



I found this station last night at 12:30am. I was having a hard time with getting to sleep due to a decision I have to make. Listening to the music and the comments helped to ease my mind. Joni and Friends and the segment Right from the Heart really hit home.  -Will



This radio station is a true true blessing to my family and I! When I hear my kids singing along in the car it just warms my heart! Thank you for being a great blessing to us!  -Katie



I am able to listen to you guys every morning for a few minutes on my way to work and it makes all the difference in the world. Without going into details, I have some burdens I am trying to lay at the feet of Jesus, but as you both know, that is a tough task sometimes..and the very nature of my work is often emotionally overwhelming.....but most days just hearing the sound of your voices reminds me that others have been there and that I am not alone....you make me feel like there ARE people in the world who "get it"....who understand how much we need God and each other.  I addition to that, I love the music you play. So, with all of that said, just wanted to thank you both...not for what you do....but for who you are.



Being largely homebound I depend on Waft programming – it has a valuable place in my life.  -Linda



Hello my name is Mark ….. I am 30 yrs old …..I've been listening to your station all day everyday and it's helped me do a spiritual 180 in a huge way, I am a recovering addict that was really struggling before I found your station.



Y'all are such a blessing to me every day! Just wanted to say "Thank You" for making a difference in our corner of the world.  -Judy 



Thank you for giving generously and faithfully supporting WAFT Radio!